After many tests with, amongst others, flightattendants proving that massaging the acupunture points corresponding with your departure- and arrival time as shown on this site by submitting those times, in addition to two points that are always recomended, help prevent jetlag. If your departure time is delayed by more than 3 hours submit again to change the points. For more information also see what is jetlag.

Massage the points on both sides (left and right). Do this with attention and without the distraction of TV, computer, radio, newspaper, book or talking; focus on the masage.

Put your finger on the point and make a circular movement slowly without rubbing over the skin. Rotate the skin over the point clockwise or counterclockwise. You may massage 2 points at a time for 2 minutes per point.

Do this the evening before departure (or 24 hours before..), the morning before departure (or 5 to 7 hours before..) and again after arrival at your destination.

Still not sure about the massage technique? Watch the short instruction film: