Jetlag and health

Additional tips to prevent JetLag and help maintain your health

  • Don’t smoke; it disturbs your biological rhythm. Recovering from JetLag will take longer.
  • Eating meat disturbs your energy to recover from JetLag. Try to feel the difference: fly with or without having eaten or eating meat and you’ll notice it does.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol because it upsets quick JetLag recovery.
  • Wireless devices cause disturbance so use only when necessary (mobile phones, PDAs, blackberries, laptops etc.)
  • Avoid white sugar, geneticly manipulated foods and wrong E-numbers in the food like
    aspartame, chemicals and synthetical stuff. They’re not natural and delay recovery.
  • Try to meditate; It helps alot.
  • Try to walk, run, swim or move every day during half an hour or an hour. Your recovery from JetLag and your health will be much better.
  • Try to avoid loud noises.
  • Laugh every day. Do things you like, you are happy with.
  • Keep your rhythm – keep your day to day cycle – with work, eating habbits, hobbies and sleep
  • Light in the morning from a ‘wake-up light’ helps your body make more cortisol
    (this is the activity hormone). Research advised a 250 lux ‘wake-up light’.
  • Drink enough water. The pressure in the plane differs, so a feeling of dryness, cough, pain in the throat and headache can be prevented by water.
  • Set your watch after departure to the arrival time and act like that.
  • Also don’t drink tea, coffee and juices.
  • Try to move enough in the plane, turn your ankles, bend your knees, turn your chest and stretch your arms and body.
  • After arrival: reset your rhythm of eating, sleeping and waking.
  • Try to do – not only read about – it.